Marseillan Villa For Sale - La Baraquette - Patio Villas, 2-4 Bed

La Baraquette - Patio Villas

Marseillan, Languedoc-Roussillon, France

2 - 4 bed | 2 - 4 bath
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Key details

  • Approx size: 91.43-138.29 sq m (984-1,489 sq ft)
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • No. floors in building: 2
  • Property Style: Modern, New build, Off plan, Furnished
  • Building type: Detached villa, Furnished, Villa, Resort residence
  • Foreign ownership: Allowed
  • Year built: 2020


  • 24hr security
  • Branded residences
  • Concierge
  • Spa & wellness facilities
  • Waterview
  • Direct access to beach
  • Mountain views
  • Investment
  • Communal pool
  • Parking
  • Gated community
  • Air conditioning
  • Sea views
  • Fully furnished
  • Stone floors
  • Underfloor heating
  • Access to hotel facilities
  • Solarium
  • Balcony
  • Waterfront
  • Outdoor pool
  • Watersports
  • Private garden
  • Covered parking
  • Winery
  • Vineyard
  • Communal gym
  • Terrace
  • Golf
  • Hard-wire alarm system
  • Fitted kitchen
  • Fitted bathroom
  • Wooden floors
  • Landscaped garden
  • Beach access
  • Private swimming pool

Property overview

Fantastic 2-4 bedroom branded Patio Villas for sale at La Baraquette, a seafront vineyard estate in Marseillan, South of France.

La Baraquette is the first seafront vineyard resort in France. It is situated in an elevated position in an unspoilt corner of the Languedoc - Roussillon region of France. It has been designed to be a natural extension to the village and port of Marseillan and enjoys magnificent uninterrupted views over the Thau lagoon, the port town of Sete, the hill of Mont Saint Clair and the Mediterranean Sea.

The estate offers a range of exceptional architect designed villas and apartments and will feature a 5 star branded hotel with 40 bedrooms, restaurants, bars, a spa, gym, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, art gallery, wine tasting gallery, concierge services as well as membership of the wine academy and nautical club. In addition, there will be a full management and letting service provided for property owners.

La Baraquette will be part of a large working vineyard, managed by the Seigneurie de Peyrat wine domain, one of the region's top winemakers. Owners will be invited to get involved in any way they wish. Each property will receive 2 cases of 6 bottles from the estate each year.

The architecture and interiors of La Baraquette's properties have been inspired by Marseillan's traditional buildings, its port, lagoon, oyster farms and the flora and fauna of the region.

The Patio Villas are built around a walled courtyard and range from 115sqm to 175sqm with spectacular views. Like the lagoon view villas, these furnished homes are made with local stone and wood in a traditional French architectural style with modern and clean lines.

Each has the latest kitchen appliances, such as the La Cornue cooking piano, bathroom fittings as well as one touch 'domotic' lighting, air conditioning and wi fi systems.

On the ground floor, there is a large lounge and open plan kitchen/dining room which looks out through floor to ceiling glass doors to the garden and a plunge pool with Jacuzzi jets which is finished in mosaic tiles and surrounded by local stone. There is even a dedicated owner's closet to store personal belongings when the property is being rented.

On the first floor, the master bedroom with en suite bathroom overlooks the courtyard garden and opens onto a large roof top terrace.

The villas are sold on a leaseback basis which allows for VAT to be reclaimed in certain circumstances. Leaseback also provides a managed rental service over a stated period giving a known rental income.

La Baraquette is situated just 300m from the village of Marseillan and is easily accessible by air, road and rail. The nearest airport is Beziers-Cap d'Agde which is 20 minutes away. Montpelier is a 40 minute drive. A further 6 international airports are within a 2 hour drive.


Regional info

The Languedoc - Roussillon region of France is an ancient and unspoilt area of blue skies and dramatic landscapes set along a 200 kilometre stretch of golden beaches from the Cote d'Azur to the Spanish border. Marseillan is close to several large towns and cities and is within easy reach of 8 international airports, all under a 2 hour drive.

This beautiful region in the South of France is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and offers tremendous diversity. It is currently viewed as one of the world's most exciting wine growing regions in an area with plenty of sun and fertile soils. There are numerous sandy beaches, wooded mountains, ancient market towns, historic sights, charming chateaux and bustling fishing villages to explore plus of course world renowned cuisine.

On the high speed TGV, the cafes and galleries of Paris are just 4 hours away. A new TGV line is direct to Barcelona in less than 2 hours. Motorways in France are excellent and the A9 autoroute connects the area around La Baraquette with the rest of France and Spain.


Buyers guide

The Purchase Process


The process for buying and selling property in France is highly regulated by the French Government, with the whole process being checked and rechecked to ensure a fair and legal transaction takes place. The system protects both buyer and seller alike, and is one of the safest countries to buy a property in the world. It is very rare in France for property transactions to go astray, as any issues with title deeds and planning permissions are very strictly controlled. With Propriétés & Co, the process for buying your property will proceed as follows:

  1. Initial reservation: To reserve a property, you'll first need to complete a Client Reservation Form (available from your sales representative) and return it to us. This reservation form contains all the relevant information, which will be needed to prepare your reservation contract.
  2. Signing of the reservation contract: Upon receipt of the Client Reservation Form we will prepare and send you two copies of the reservation contract for you to sign. This contract contains the buyer’s and the developer’s details, as well as all the basic details of the property being purchased, including the technical specifications of the property, fixtures and fittings etc. Once you have signed both copies of the reservation contract and returned return them to us. We'll sign both copies, and send you one copy back by registered mail. Once you have received this copy a seven day “cooling off period” then comes into effect, during which you can cancel your purchase, for any reason by sending a registered letter. Once this seven day cooling off period has finished, you are legally committed to buying the property. Failure to secure finance: The one exception to this commitment is if you fail to secure the required funding for the purchase. In these circumstances you are free to cancel the contract and exit without penalty.
  3. Payment of deposit: Upon signing the reservation contract you pay a deposit of 5% of the purchase price to reserve your property. This deposit is sent to an escrow (holding) bank account, which is a system that all Notaires follow in France. This is controlled by the Notaire and to which only he has access. The Notaire provides us with proof the deposit has been transferred. However we do not have any access to the deposit until the final signature of the Acte de Vente (deed of sale), and transfer of official title of the property to you.
  4. Making your finance available: Once the reservation contract has been signed, your next step is to secure your financing.
  5. Signature of Acte de Vente: Once you have secured your financing, and we have satisfied the Notary that all the necessary guarantees, insurance and permissions are in place, the Notary prepares the documents for exchange of the title deeds (the ‘Acte de Vente’). There're two ways in which you can sign the Acte de Vente. One is to come to France in person and sign, or ‘by proxy’ with a public notary in your home country. If you choose to sign at your home country you will need to sign a proxy form instructing the Notaire to sign the final Acte de Vente on your behalf. Once you have signed the Acte de Vente, you will become the owner of the property. At the same time as the signature of the Acte de Vente, you'll also need to sign the management contracts, which specify in detailed and legally binding terms the management services to be provided and associated charges.
  6. Making Stage Payments: The schedule for making the stage payments for the renovation/construction of the property is strictly controlled by French law, with payments being made at the completion of each stage of the property construction. The completion of each stage has to be verified and certified by the onsite architect. The properties are being sold under the legal status of “Vente en Etat Future d’Achèvement” (VEFA). As such, the stage payments are those stipulated by this regime.


If you choose to rent your property it will be possible to reclaim the VAT element of the purchase price, a saving of 20%.


Managing your property Note - Deferred mortgage repayments The stage payment regime in France means that you are paying for the property on an ongoing basis as the works are completed. French mortgage lenders are very familiar with this process, and as such almost all French mortgages offer the option to defer mortgage repayments until such time as the property has been fully completed. This is especially important for those who are considering letting their properties out for the majority of the year, as it will allow you to defer your initial mortgage payments until such time as to when you start receiving your rental return.

However there's is one thing to note, French mortgage providers will expect the “personal funds” amount of the purchase - the portion of the purchase price being paid by the purchaser out of their own funds - to be handed over before the mortgage is drawn down. This means that you will be expected to pay your personal contribution upon signature of the Acte de Vente.




In France all property purchases must be completed through a Notaire, whose fees are charged as a percentage of the value of the purchase. Fees will be typically between 2.5 and 3% for the properties. Depending on the type of mortgage financing obtained there may be an additional charge of up to 1% for the processing of the mortgage.




It is not usually necessary to employ a solicitor to purchase a property in France and is extremely rare for French people to do so. As a Public officer under oath, the Notaire’s duty is to ensure that the transaction is fully legal, binding and equitable for both parties. As such, almost all French property transactions are completed by the Notaire without any further legal representation being used.




French mortgage lenders in general have a very conservative approach to their lending practices. If you are planning on taking a mortgage to finance your purchase at LA BARAQUETTE, there are compelling reasons to do so in France:

  1. There are a number of tax reliefs available to property owners with French mortgages.
  2. Currency risk is better protected, as both your mortgage and payments are in Euro, as is rental income you receive on your property.

    Raising a mortgage against the French property also offers greater peace of mind. It is standard operating procedure for French banks to approve a development in advance of receiving any loan applications, whether the bank is prepared to lend to buyers in a particular development. Their decision to approve will be based on an evaluation of the reputation of the developer, the price, rental potential, the management company and the capital gains outlook for the development. They will only approve a new development if they believe it is fundamentally secure.




French banks are keen to lend to the well qualified clients. In general, when making a decision about how much they are prepared to lend, French lenders will look at two things:

  1. The property being purchased: location, quality and price.
  2. Your level of income, and in particular the level of existing debt that you may or may not have when applying for the mortgage.

In general, the banks will evaluate your eligibility for a loan, and the amount you can borrow, based on your income to debt ratio, using the “rule of thumb of one third” as their lending criteria. French banks will generally lend a sum such that the borrowers total monthly debt repayments are not more than 33% of total monthly income. For example, if a customer has a monthly income of €9,000, then the banks will generally lend an amount such that total repayments (including all other debts) do not exceed €3,000 per month. Customers with a particularly strong financial standing will find that the rules are more flexible.


There are competitive mortgages available to finance your purchase, including 80% mortgages as well as interest only options. The quality and variety of mortgages available means you can own a property in the South of France for a relatively modest capital outlay, and with reasonable ongoing operating costs. For further detail on mortgages available, please contact French Mortgage Direct or Private Finance.


The process to obtain a French mortgage is fairly straightforward. Once you have finally made the decision to buy at LA BARAQUETTE, we will ask you if you would like to be put directly in touch with a specialist mortgage broker for non-French Residents (who work closely working major banks and financial institutions). The brokers will work with you to understand your financing requirements in order to ensure you find the best mortgage suited to your personal situation. They will also be able to provide you with a selection of mortgage simulations, which include the very latest rates and products available. Once you have found the mortgage that suits you, they will guide you through every step of the financing process through to completion. If you would like to speak to our partners about your financing options and requirements, please feel free to call on the numbers below, making sure to let them know that you are looking at buying at LA BARAQUETTE with Propriétés & Co :

French Mortgage Direct :

Sharon Hill - M: +33 (0)6 2230 7338 – T: + 33(0)4 3706 5382 –

Email :

Office : 2 rue des Tisserands 38 110 La Batie Montgascon,


France French Private Finance (

Contact : John Busby – Email:

T: +44 (0) 207 471 4515 - M: +44 (0) 795 793 7471

London office : 13 Elysium Gate - 126 -128 New King’s Road - London SW6 4LZ - England

Paris office : 18, Rue la Boétie - Paris 75008 - France - T: +33 (0) 1 7076 0635




Having built and managed several high-end property developments in the south of France, Propriétés & Co have learned that the best approach to the provision of property management is to keep everything as simple and transparent as possible. To that end, the management charge paid by owners will cover maintenance of your property and all of the common areas of the estate – general upkeep, the gardens, pathways, communal pools, buildings, will be covered by a charge of €40 (excluding VAT) per square meter of habitable area of the property. Private pool maintenance will be charged at a fixed fee cost of €3000.00 (excluding VAT) per annum by the concierge service.


The management charge will cover the cost of maintenance in common areas (not including the vineyards, restaurants, bar or boutiques, which are independent businesses operating at no additional cost to owners), basic maintenance of the buildings as well as garden and pool maintenance. Charges associated with the rental pool of properties will be entirely separate from the letting services (see Renting Your Property below). Management charges will be allocated to individual properties on a direct basis (i.e. direct costs associated with a property are billed directly to the owner of the property). Where this is not feasible, the costs will be billed on a per building or overall estate basis, using a method which is calculated by the Notaire when drafting the articles of the Owner’s Association. The formula for this is called the ‘tantiemes’, and is generally related to the square metres of the properties. The formula for this calculation is strictly governed by French law.




To be able to reclaim the VAT from your property purchase you will first need to sign a management contract with La Baraquette SAS. The whole process will be managed by Propriétés & Co and GEFI, our tax partner. Once the process has been completed you will receive back directly from the French Government a refund of the full 20% of the VAT amount of the purchase price. The request to ask for the refund can happen once a year and takes a few months. So you will normally cash back the 20% in advance of delivery of your property.




Utility costs such as electricity and water at LA BARAQUETTE will be the responsibility of the owners, as well as the insurances of their properties. However, under the terms of the management contract of LA BARAQUETTE, we will be very happy to handle the administration of these services.


There will be also a selection of services available to owners, such as house cleaning, fresh linen when using the property yourself and a concierge services. These will be charged on a simple consumption basis – if you use them, you pay, if you don’t use them, you don’t pay.




French Taxe Foncière - a real estate tax very similar to a UK Council Tax. It is used by the local authorities to cover the costs of rubbish collection, lighting, and access to the site... The tax is charged on the basis of the theoretical rental value of the property, and is adjusted annually in line with inflation. At LA BARAQUETTE local authorities have yet to evaluate this tax, however it is expected to be around €10 per m².


We specialise in arranging bespoke inspection trips to all our properties, tailor-made to suit your specific travel requirements. Contact us to speak to a dedicated travel manager.

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